We look at the whole picture.

When it comes to kids, not all eye checks are created equal. All eye exams will check the health of your child’s eyes and how clearly they can see the letters on a chart.

At the Children’s Vision Clinic, we look at much more than that. We want to know how your child uses their eyes and processes the information they see, as well as how they deal with the space in the world around them.

Behavioural Eye Exams

First up, we’ll provide a comprehensive optometric assessment of your child’s vision and eye health.

We’ll determine if your child can see clearly and comfortably, without extra effort or stress, for long periods of time. This is the first step in our assessment of all children who come to the clinic.

Visual Perceptual Assessment

Cost: $250

No Medicare rebate is available for this service.
Depending on the outcome of your child’s behavioural eye exam, we may recommend your child for our vision therapy program. This involves a visual perceptual assessment, an in-depth evaluation that looks at your child’s ability to understand, interpret and remember what they see, along with their ability to link vision to language. This can help us determine if there are any underlying issues affecting your child’s vision, and gives us a clearer picture of your child’s visual information processing skills.

Visual Therapy Program

Cost: $250 + $100 per week.

Deposit and planning fee, includes equipment and computer program. Then $100 per week for 10 weeks.
We offer a vision therapy treatment program that’s tailored to the individual needs and specific requirements of your child. Every child is unique in the way they respond to treatment and our customised programs reflect that individuality. Over the course of the program, we focus on developing and optimising the visual skills needed for more effective performance in the classroom and other areas of their life. All in a fun, welcoming and stress-free environment.

School Readiness Assessment

Cost: TBC

Getting your child ready for school is an exciting time. One of the most important aspects of school readiness is having your child’s vision and eye health checked. Set your child up for success at school and for a love of learning, by ensuring their vision and visual processing is the best it can be.

Frames + Lenses

We stock a fabulous range of frames designed especially for kids, from super cool Star Wars designs to bright and colourful Catimini and Tomato Glasses. We also supply contact lenses from leading brands. With our on-site laboratory, we carry out all our own repairs and adjustments and can fit your child’s lenses into new frames on the spot.

Does your child need an eye test?