We care for kids.

Welcome to the Children’s Vision Clinic. As you might have guessed, we’re dedicated to children’s vision, offering behavioural optometry and vision therapy services in a bright, fun and inclusive environment. Located in Wangaratta, Victoria, our focus is on assessing all aspects of your child’s vision and visual system, looking beyond just their ability to see things clearly in the distance.

Our Story

What started out as a room in our main optometry practice, Wangaratta Eyecare, has since grown into its very own clinic right next door. After seeing more and more kids who were in need of a behavioural eye exam rather than just a standard eye test, we felt instinctively there was room for something dedicated to helping children. We knew a standard eye test wasn’t going to address their issues.

From the beginning, we wanted to make the clinic a welcoming space where kids could come and feel comfortable about having their eyes tested. A space designed just for them, that was playful, friendly and welcoming. We opened our doors at the beginning of 2021 and our exciting vision for a clinic just for kids was born.

Meet the Team

Rebekah Hanna

Behavioral Optometrist

I love being an Optometrist – especially for kids! It’s so fulfilling to see how much you can help a child – whether with glasses or Vision Therapy.

Rebekah Hanna is an experienced and highly-skilled Behavioural Optometrist, and has been working with kids for many years. With a B.Optom (Hons) Therapeutics, Rebekah hails from across the ditch in New Zealand, where she completed her optometry studies and worked for several years. In 2010, Rebekah moved here to Australia to further her specialist studies in children’s vision, completing courses both here and in the US.

A parent herself, with two young children, Rebekah understands the concern parents have about their kids’ vision and eye health. With a passion for holistic optometry care for children, Rebekah can perform eye tests for kids of any age as well as visual perceptual assessments for any suspected learning difficulties.



I love being an Optometrist – especially for kids! It’s so fulfilling to see how much you can help a child – whether with glasses or Vision Therapy.

Paul studied optometry at Melbourne University, and has been practicing for over 20 years. After graduating, he moved back home and started working here in Wangaratta, and has been here ever since.

Paul is married to Roxy and together they have three kids so Paul understands kids and how to work with them. Paul loves his sport and is a passionate North Melbourne supporter. He still enjoys a hit of cricket over summer for the local Wangaratta Maggies, and enjoys coaching an under 12s cricket team for the Maggies.


Vision Therapist

I love seeing kids learn and grow and develop, and get better at school through doing vision therapy.

As an Optical Dispenser with a background in primary school education, Roxy loves working with kids and being able to combine the two in her role as vision therapist at the Children’s Vision Clinic. Having completed a Bachelor of Education, Early Childhood with a long-held interest in the process of children learning to read, Roxy believes vision therapy is the perfect combination of optical and education.

With three children at school and her and Paul’s eldest on the spectrum, Roxy has both a personal and professional understanding of the vision therapy journey and how unique it can be for each child.

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